Pu-erh Grey Loose Leaf / 60g (Refined Dark Tea)

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Embrace the sophisticated depths of O2H Pu-erh Grey, available in loose leaf form. This blend features meticulously aged three-year Pu-erh, paired with the zesty notes of lime and the exotic fragrance of Bergamot citrus. Each leaf promises a multi-layered sensory journey from the invigorating freshness to a sweet, enduring finish, honoring the legacy of Earl Grey with an Eastern twist. Ideal for those who relish a hands-on brewing experience to unfold the complex flavors.

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Product Details

Pu-erh Tea Ripe, Natural Flavoring


Pu-erh - Yunnan
Rose petals - Pakistan

Tea Partner

Milk, Honey, Cakes


Energy, Anti-anxiety, Detoxifying


Day time, Work, Party, and After gym

Loose Leaf Tea

Brewing Guide

Use a teaspoon (around 3 grams) of O2H TEA for each 250ml cup. Put the tea into a teapot or infuser. Pour in filtered water heated to 85°C–90°C, and let it steep for about 3–4 minutes. Strain the tea and it's ready to be served.