Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a semi-oxidised infusion that lies in that suspect zone between green and black tea, so a naturally created complexity of flavour and aroma form in its leaves. That’s because its leaves are only partially oxidised, eventually resulting in a classic experience in tea from China, known to be a spectrum of flavours and aromas, from sweet and floral to rich and woody. For this reason, they’ve been traditionally served after meals to aid digestion and help increase metabolism. We’ve meticulously curated two kinds of premium varietals from the assortment of oolong teas - Phoenix Oolong from Guangdong with its floral notes, and High Mountain Oolong from Taiwan, blended with hints of tangy citrus. These delicious and aromatic oolong teas are a luxury on their own - brew yourself a cuppa anytime of the day to relax with this luxurious fluid, which also keeps you calm, stress-free and healthy.

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