White Serenity (Green tangerine white Tea)

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Crafted with premium Spring-harvested Fuding white tea and aromatic Xinhui green tangerine. Sourced from Fujian Spring when the temperature is moderate and rainfall is abundant, our white tea exhibits a luscious texture, vivid green hue, and rich nutritional profile, making for a tea with refreshing taste and invigorating aroma.

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Product Details

White Tea, Green Tangerine


Tangerine - Xinhui
White Tea - Fu Jian

Tea Partner

Salad, Fruit, Cake


Reducing blood sugar levels, Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory


Night time, After gym, and Holiday


Due to the natural selection process, tangerine ball sizes can vary, leading to a unique net weight for each tea. On average, expect around 8-9 gram of each ball.

Brewing Guide

Brew a whole Tangerine tea ball by placing it into a teapot with a capacity of over 400ml. Use boiling water (90-95°C) to steep directly for 3-4 minutes.
Break a tangerine tea ball into pieces. Based on your needs, you can either brew all of it at once by placing it in a covered tea pot or divide it into several portions according to personal preference and brew directly in regular cups for 3-4 minutes.

Experience the captivating journey of our Green Tangerine Tea Ball. Explore 7 exquisite brews, each revealing a unique flavor. From the first brew, delight in the seamless blend of tangerine skin and tea. The third brew reaches a peak of richness, harmonizing the flavors perfectly. In the fourth brew, discover the sweet twist of citrus pectin. Savor the enchanting changes in taste and the delightful fusion of tangerine and tea. Embark on an enticing adventure with our Green Tangerine Tea Ball.

At O2H Tea, we take pride in crafting exceptional teas like our Tangerine tea. During the aging process, you may notice a delicate 'hoarfrost' on the surface, also known as 'orange citrus oil.' This natural phenomenon is a result of the citrus oil precipitating after a sun-dried or low-temperature baking process. Rest assured, it's not mildew and poses no harm to your health. In fact, it's a testament to the quality and authenticity of our tea, enhancing its flavor and character.