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Everything You Need to Know About Oolong Tea

Everything You Need to Know About Oolong Tea

Oolong tea, a traditional tea from China, is somewhere between the richness of a black tea and the subtlety of a green tea. In this blog we take a look at the history of oolong tea, its health benefits and provide useful tips of brewing and drinking this beautiful tea.

Meaning semi-fermented, and available in a variety of flavours all the way from fruity and light to rich and smoky and earthy, the exact taste and aroma of oolong tea can depend on the proficiency of the pickers and production workers as well as its age. However, the essential character of oolong tea occurs as the result of a geographic and climatic condition: semi-fermented teas, in their delicate and bold offerings, are chiefly native to China, in the area of Fujian and Guangdong provinces (but also fiercely cultivated, blended and served in nearby Taiwan).

What are the health benefits of Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea has many health benefits including weight management, increased metabolic rates and lowering cholesterol rates, and improve heart health due to its antioxidants properties. Long term consumption of this Tea improves concentration and it reduces stress. It has moderate amount of caffeine and also L-theanine which accentuates the motivation and alertness. 

The Innovation of Oolong Tea

In order to broaden the appeal of oolong tea, O2H TEA has produced many flavoured oolong teas, such as Peach Oolong, Sakura Strawberry (strawberry with Sakura petals) Oolong and Tangerine Oolong, all fruity and other savoury flavours, in order to appeal to a wider category of consumers. The Phoenix Oolong Tea (Yashi Aroma) is more traditional in its pure form.

With its oolong tea paired with natural fruit flavours, O2H TEA not only improves the health benefits of tea drinking, it makes it a lot more pleasurable. A cup of tea, infused with natural peaches, strawberries or tangerines, has far more vitamins and antioxidants than plain tea, and its taste is luxurious and refreshingly complex when each sip brings an additional flavour.

When Is the Best Time to Drink Oolong Tea?

As it contains a certain amount of caffeine, it is best to drink oolong tea in the morning to energise the day. After a meal when to consume oolong tea is best as it helps in digestion and later in the day, after a long day’s work, as it has calming based components that help to relax our mind. It is even advised to drink oolong tea during afternoon breaks at work. The best time to drink oolong tea includes all the above situations as it meets all the most individual needs of nature.


Who are the Ideal Consumers of Oolong Tea

  • Weight Loss Fans: Oolong tea can help to lose weight as it boosts your metabolism and block fat absorption.
  • Students and Professionals: Oolong tea, with its caffeine and L-theanine, improves cognitive ability and energy levels, so why not get that weekend report finished over a cup of oolong?
  • Health-Conscious Types: Those striving for cardiovascular health and the prevention or management of diabetes can potentially benefit from oolong tea’s capacity to enhance lipid metabolism and regulate blood sugar.
  • Stress- and anxiety-sufferers: Its calming properties will soothe the nervous system making it a great enhancer for those under chronic stress or with elevated anxiety levels.


How to Choose Good Oolong Tea

Identifying good oolong requires looking for freshness, aroma and the integrity of individual tea leaves. If the leaves are loose and whole, with uniform colouration, you’re probably on the right track. Fresh oolong should smell vibrant, and the aroma should express the character of the oolong, whether that be floral, fruity or smoky in nature.


Learning of Caffeine Contents in Oolong Tea

Oolong tea generally contain moderate amount of caffeine with the range from 30-50 mg per 8 oz. Drinkers should definitely enjoy their cup of beverage but with reasonable mind on caffeine sensitivity for those who react to the higher amount of caffeine.

How to Make a Good Cup of Oolong Tea - Brewing Methods

  • Temperature: Optimally brewed oolong should be steeped in water at 85°C to 95°C (185°F to 203°F). This allows the liquid to extract oolong’s delicate flavours without boiling away their subtle essence.
  • Steeping Time: Steep 3 to 5 minutes, adjusting to taste for strength and depth.
  • Tools: Use Crane Song Stainless Steep & Sip Tea Pot or Tranquil Brew Tea Maker to enhance the flavor extraction. 


Oolong tea constitutes a delicious, healthful beverage loaded with vital benefits and a rich cultural heritage, which tea aficionados and newbies alike can enjoy independently of each other, partly thanks to its versatile, flavoursome health potential.

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