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Tea as a Wellness Ritual: Morning and Evening Tea Practices

Tea as a Wellness Ritual: Morning and Evening Tea Practices

For almost every human civilisation, tea has played the part of tradition and goodwill as much as a supplement for health. While historically, people in higher cultures have enjoyed tea with their morning and evening routines, you don’t have to live by their customs to make your day better with tea. Many millions of us now use tea to complement our daily lives, harnessing its physical and mental benefits. So, what is the history behind tea, the effectiveness and ease of its use for health, and its position amongst us today? Moreover, although tea is an age-old beverage, how does a really contemporary and 21st-century premium tea for morning and evening rituals look and feel? That is exactly what we’ll look at in the following pages on O2H TEA.

  1. The Historical and Cultural Significance of Tea Rituals

 There’s no shortage of interesting tea rituals worldwide. The Japanese Chanoyu ceremony for preparing green tea represents an aspiration towards the simple life and prevents the hostess from fretting. The quintessentially British institution of afternoon tea symbolises social prominence and civilised exchange. Placing a pot in your kitchen wall and losing yourself in a chair under a straw roof is good for what ails you but understanding where these traditions derive their significance makes it easier to recognise the merits of a tea call. 

  1. Morning Tea Rituals: Starting the Day Right

 Benefits of Morning Tea

  • A boost for your metabolism: Getting the metabolism rolling in the morning can be achieved by drinking tea. Black tea is especially useful as a fat-burner and a quick way to raise metabolic rate.
  • Sharper focus and attention: Black tea and oolong have caffeine together with L-theanine, so you’ll get the benefits of focus and sharpened cognitive functioning without the jitters that some people find unpleasant with coffee.


Recommended Morning Teas

  • O2H TEA’s Oolong Tea: High in anti-oxidants, Low in caffeine, Great for starting the day gently.
  • O2H TEA’s Pu-erh Tea: Deliver the energy that lasts no shorter than black tea and provides an overall sense of alertness, it’s the perfect brew for the people who need to have a bustling morning.

Morning Tea Routine

  • Preparation: You should be using freshly boiled, and then slightly cooled, water so as not to damage the delicate flavours and nutrients of your tea leaves.
  • Mindfulness Exercise: While the tea steeps, try a short ‘mindfulness’ session, paying attention to your breathing and the fragrance of the tea.
  • Pleasure: Drink tea from a gentle, controlled sip. Keep your mind open to the feelings the tea evokes and holds the tea cool in your mouth. Sip in a calm area and eat tea with a light breakfast (fruit salad, whole-grain toast).
  1. Evening Tea Rituals: Unwinding and Relaxation

 Benefits of Evening Tea

  • To Encourage Relaxation: Rooibos and herbal teas with relaxing lavender are good for winding down.
  • Improving Sleep Quality: Certain teas contain compounds that help induce sleep and improve sleep quality, such as valerian root and passionflower.

Recommended Evening Teas

  • O2H TEA’s Tangerine White Tea: This soothing brew helps calm your body and mind, preparing you for the most restful zzzs.
  • O2H TEA’s Rooibos: A caffeine-free herbal tea full of antioxidants rooibos is a calming bedtime beverage if ever there was one.


Evening Tea Routine

  • To prepare: Fill a pot with just-boiled, filtered water and let it cool slightly. Steep your herbal tea according to package directions.
  • Wind-Down Activity: Replenish your energy by taking a break while your tea is brewing. Read a book, listen to soft music, or do some gentle yoga stretches.
  • Enjoyment: Drink your tea slowly and notice how the warmth permeates your body and the flavours intimately engage with your mouth. Let the stillness of the tea release tenderness into your being.
  1. Incorporating O2H TEA's Products into Your Rituals

O2H TEA brings back the essence of tradition by giving you a varied assortment of whole leaf teas that can be a wonderful beginning or an end to your day. From experience and from deep research, we are manufacturing the finest teas.

  • Morning: Pu-erh tea and flavored black tea – to balance energy and focus. 
  • Evening: Rooibos Blend and white Tea
  • Recommendations: These are good for unwinding, and happy sleep. 

Include them on a regular basis in your daily diet, and you can reap all the benefits of traditional tea rituals, while still keeping up with today’s wellness word.

Need a simple yet functional way to health up your morning or evening ritual? Tea rituals are a great way to gently kickstart your day, or relax and wind down. Give your system a perfectly timed boost in the morning with a shot of caffeine, or a nurturing lull at night with a caffeine-free rooibos blend. The ritual of making and enjoying your cup can transform your morning cup of tea into a savoury tradition, or a nightcap into tranquil time-out. O2H TEA offer a range of delicious teas for you to make your mornings and nights a cup at a time!

In sum, by adopting them in your daily routine, you not only uphold the cultural tradition of tea but also create conditions for physical and mental harmony.

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